Board Members

  Name   Designation
  General (R) Rizwan Qureshi   Chairman BOGs
  Mr. Abdul Waheed Sheikh   Founder & Chairperson AWT and Chairman
Avicenna Medical College
  Dr. Gulfreen Waheed    Co-Chairperson and Principal
  Ms. Shandana Sheikh   Co-Chairperson (Admin, Legal and Finance- Trustee)
  Mr. Fahdel Sheikh   Director Administration Aadil Hospital-Trustee
  Dr Najla Fasih   Associate Professor (Radiology)- University of Ottawa and Ottawa Hospital (Canada)- Trustee
  Ms. Fazilda Nabeel   PhD Candidate, University of Sussex (UK)- Trustee
  Prof. Dr. Mian Abdul Rashid   Renowned Educationist
  Brig Dr. Gul-e-Rana   Director HR- Medical Education Specialist
  Mr. Malik Asif Hayat   Ex. Vice Chairman Federal Service Commission
  Mr. Hayat-Ullah-Khan Sumbal   Secretary to Govt. of Pakistan (Retd)
  Mr. Naveed Rasool Mirza   Distinguished Lawyer
  Mr. Allah Buksh Ranjah   Snr. Member of Judicial Service
  Mr. lmran Hussain   C.E.O. Green Studio’s Architects
  Prof. Dr. Muhammad Tayyab   Prof. of Ophthalmology SIMS
  Prof Dr. Rehana Shahid   Dean of Avicenna Medical College