Chairman BOG



I must congratulate the Chairman of the Trust for the wonderful care he is giving to the students. The attention to their growing, welfare and care is appreciated. Today even the most developed states are finding it very hard to meet the heath responsibilities of their population. Many of these countries have initiated very fundamental legislation and reforms to address the complex and costly issue the health services and yet no easy solutions are in sight. The situation in the developing and underdeveloped Countries is even more alarming. These countries lack resources and are also threatened by lethal diseases. Pakistanis no exception and it should not surprise us to realize that people of Pakistan are vulnerable to a host of communicable and chronic ailment and that our resources are woefully Insufficient. Thankfully the government is alive to the issue and though sincere efforts are in hand, the dire situation requires the creative and compassionate participation of the private sector both on the hospital and the teaching side as well. However the private sector should not be solely driven by the profit motive but should also consider the needs of the common man who is financially very distressed.

It gives me a great pleasure to compliment the Abdul Waheed Trust for setting up Avicenna Medical College in the private sector and earning a great name and fame in a spell of six years. The College complex and the equipment is state of the art, the faculty is highly qualified and the College enjoys on-site hospital facility which is running on charity basis. While the College initially undertook undergraduate medical degree program, has recently added a Nursing College and the College for Allied Medical Sciences for the training of technicians in various fields. I would Iike to congratulate the Faculty, Students and Administration of Avicenna Medical College for the wonderful organization and conduct of Academic Curriculum that has resulted In the achievement of 100% results for three years consecutively, I understand that this is a unique fast but the credit goes to the dedication, diligence and hard work of the faculty and staff at Avicenna Medical College. I take this opportunity once again to congratulate the chairman faculty and Staff of Avicenna Medical College. The advice to all parents and prospective students is that joining Avicenna the key to became a good doctor.