CO-Chairperson and Principal



As a Co-Founder and Co-Chairperson, I have been involved in planning, construction and accreditation of Avicenna Medical College by the Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PM&DC) and its affiliation with the esteemed University of Health Sciences (UHS). It is a pleasure to see Avicenna Medical College develop, progress and achieve maximum academic excellence in a short period since its inception in 2009. The institution has lived up to its mission of training and producing medical graduates of international standards. Three batches have passed out as Doctors, who currently are serving in the country and abroad while several have opted for post-graduation and are on road to progress. We have achieved several milestones since 2009 including the recognition of our College for FCPS training by College of Physicians and Surgeons of Pakistan (CPSP), establishment of College of Nursing and Avicenna Dental College.

As a Co-Chairperson, member of Board of Governors of Abdul Waheed Trust, and Principal (Avicenna Medical College) I am fortunate to take quick decisions and student friendly measures, yet managing the high standards of Medical Education at the campus. The students at Avicenna are provided with an encouraging environment conductive to their learning and growth and are trained on the pattern of the latest concepts and strategies in Medical Education. They are groomed on modern lines with due emphasis on the highest standards of discipline, Medical Professionalism, Medical and Social ethics in conformity to our cultural and religious values. These attributes along with an inclination towards research and development in academics is the focal point of our education system. Beyond this, we provide students with various opportunities to engage in co-curricular activities thus enabling them to bring out their naturally gifted talent. The student committee and clubs at Avicenna Medical College organizes events throughout the academic year which provide an opportunity to the students to enhance their talents and ability for team work. As an institution, we feel pride in the fact that we have won the confidence of the parents, who feel satisfied with the conservative yet progressive atmosphere of our Institution, high standards of Medical Education and discipline. Most parents show complete satisfaction once their child join the ‘Avicenna Family’. I welcome the batch of MBBS students to the continuously expanding family of Avicenna Medical College where diligent and devoted faculty members are ready to facilitate eager learners, enabling them to become future professionals and leaders. May Allah bless your endeavours with success and may you bring honors to your Alma Mater. Ameen!