Fee Structure


  1. New students: Fees are paid at the time of admission either via a draft in favour of Avicenna Medical College, or Online into the College’s Bank account (details of fee structure and bank can be obtained from the College)
  2. Subsequent fees: As per the on-going schedules most Examinations are held in the month of Sep/Oct of each year with the senior classes (4th & 5th year) spilling in to Nov/Dec. The College expects all Fees to be cleared before the Send-up exams for which a plausible time frame is by 31, July each year.
  3. Examination Fees and others: Students are expected to pay other fees to U.H.S and which may include amongst other, the following:
    1. Examination Fees: As per rates specified by the U.H.S-presently this is Rs. 5750.
    2. Verification Fees: Rs. 1500. This is charged by U.H.S for verification of all certificates that are submitted for fresh admission.
    3. Processing charges: Up to Rs.2000 if and when demanded by U.H.S.
    4. Registration Fees: For the Fresh admissions only. UHS would specify each year. Currently its Rs: 20000.
    5. Photograph Fees: The College has its dedicated photographer. A number of photographs are used every year on various forms for UHS, PMDC and Exam Forms. An expense of Rs: 2000 is expected every year. This would include charges for Student's College I.D Card.
  4. Clearances: The College expects all students to get clearances at the following occasions on the clearance forms especially designed for this purpose.
    1. Every year before being offered for the Annual Exam.
    2. At the time of leaving the College permanently for any reason.
    3. Whenever desired by the College administration.
  5. Refunds Refund Policy is followed strictly as per PMDC Regulations which specify the following: 
    1. Fresh Admission:
      1. Students who withdraw before commencement or leave within 2 weeks of commencement of classes - Full refund except Admission Fee
      2. Students leaving within one month of joining or commencement of classes – 50% Refund Tuition Fee
      3. Students leaving after two month of commencement of classes - No Refund
    2. Migration/ Expulsion Etc. - No Refund of any fees.
    3. Detainees will get a 25 % to 33% waiver of tuition fee for each subject
  6. Migration: Migrations are dictated by Rules and Regulation on Migration of PMDC and the UHS. Whereas No refunds are made, the decision to allow migration is the prerogative of the College Authorities. However, any student can claim his/her right to migrate if he/she pays the Tuition Fees of the remaining years thus avoiding loss of revenue to the College.
  7. Escalations: Fee escalations are only possible when sanctioned by the PMDC. However, the College reserves the right to change other fees to include Transport, Utilities, Breakages and Hostel fees etc. without notice in view of inflations. Currently PMDC allows an increase in Tuition fee by 7% per annum. This shall apply to subsequent years.