Standard 11 - Governance, Services & Resources

Standard 11 – Governance, Service & Resources

(Conforms to Standards 11.1, 11.2, 11.3, 11.4, 11.5, 11.6, 11.7, 11.8, 11.9, 11.10, 11.11, 11.12, 11.13, 11.14, 11.1s & 11.2s)



Avicenna Medical College was established in the year 2009 after recognition by the Pakistan Medical & Dental Council and gazette notification by the Ministry of NHSR&C. Avicenna Medical College and Avicenna Dental College run under the umbrella of Abdul Waheed Trust which is a non-profit social welfare organization and registered under the Societies Act with the Registrar of Societies as per the Law. The Trust is legalized through a Trust Deed that bears necessary rectifications. The Trust Deed is further supported by its Memorandum and Article of Association which authorizes the establishment and operation of Medical College, Dental College, Nursing College, Allied Health Sciences College and other activities in the healthcare sector. The memorandum and Article of Association also authorizes the establishment of Hospitals and MOUs / Affiliations with other Healthcare Institutions for the provision of health to the public at Large. Avicenna Medical College, Aadil Hospital and Avicenna Hospital are self-owned by the Trustees of Abdul Waheed Trust. Avicenna Hospital and Aadil Hospital are recognized for house job and are registered with the Punjab Healthcare Commission (PHC). Both the hospitals have achieved the ISO 9001:2015 standard. 

Financial Standing

Abdul Waheed Trust enjoys financial autonomy and comfort. Finances are contributed by the Trustee who do not draw any benefit from the Trust. Both the Colleges have independent working capitals and endowment funds as under:

  1. Avicenna Medical College Working capital (equivalent to 1 month fee of all students)
  2. Avicenna Dental College Working capital (equivalent to 1 month fee of all students)
  3. Avicenna Medical College Endowment fund (Equivalent to 1% of all fees)
  4. Avicenna Dental College Endowment fund             (Equivalent to 1% of all fees)

Both Avicenna Medical College and Dental College enjoy financial stability and are subject to annual audits by:

Tayyib Shahid & Company

Chartered Consultants

Hafeez Plaza, Gulberg-III


Financial Compliance

  1. Avicenna Medical College and Avicenna Dental College have as per the regulations provided the following guarantees:
    1. Avicenna Medical College (30 Million Bank Guarantee)
    2. Avicenna Dental College (30 Million Bank Guarantee)
    3. Avicenna Hospital (20 Million Bank Guarantee)
    4. Avicenna Hospital (20 Million Bank Guarantee)



The Principals of Avicenna Medical College and Avicenna Dental College enjoy full autonomy and their input is valued in the preparation of the Budget. The budget besides taking care of all financial requirements and transactions, also caters for the following:

  1. Rs. 10,000 per student for co-curricular activities
  2. Rs. 25,000 per faculty for co-curricular activities
  3. Equivalent to US$ 25,000 for international research work by faculty


Governance Structure:

Abdul Waheed Trust has formulated a governing structure to have a smooth functioning of all the institutions organized by the Trust for the provision of quality healthcare services for the general public. The relationship of the Trust and its components are as per the defined Organogram. The Trust has organized the Board of Governors, the Executive Committee, the Academic Council and other Committees required for the functioning of a Medical and Dental College.


Board of Governors:

Abdul Waheed Trust has a Board of Governors where prominent personalities from various walks of life are present as members. 


Executive Committee:

The Board of Governors in consultation with the board of trustees have for the purpose of smooth running of the institutions formed an Executive Committee that takes speedy decisions and creates a linkage between the Trustees, the Board of Governor and the Faculty. The Vice Chairman of Board of Governors is the Chairman of the Executive Committee which also bears four other members from the Board of Governors. It has the Principal and the Dean as a member and also represented on the Executive Committee are the Co-Chairpersons from the Trust as co-opted members. Thus resulting in an organization that takes speedy decisions and ensures smooth running. The duties and responsibilities of the Executive Committee are attached as Appx-28.


Academic Council

The Executive Committee of the Avicenna Medical & Dental College has authorized the formation and received approval for the formation of Academic Council which oversees and monitors all the academic activity in Avicenna Medical College and Avicenna Dental College. The Academic Council has its own roles and is the decision making body for all academic activity. The duties and responsibilities of the Academic Council for Avicenna Medical College is attached as Appx-29 and for Avicenna Dental College is attached as Appx-30. The Academic Council meets regularly and minutes recorded. The minutes of Academic Council meetings are available for perusal.


Besides the Academic Council, the Executive Committee has sanctioned the formation of the following committees which appear in their respective standards. These are:

  1. Department of Medical Education
  2. Curriculum Committee
  3. Assessment Committee
  4. Program Evaluation Committee
  5. Education Research Committee
  6. Assessment Unit
  7. Institution Review Board / Ethical Committee

Note: The domain and duties of each committee, the SOPs and policies are formulated and can be perused.


Disciplinary Committee

The Executive Committee has formed a Disciplinary Committee for enforcement of discipline on the campus of Avicenna Medical College, Dental College and hostel residential area. Being an important aspect of running of the college, the details of how to deal with a discipline case have been formulated and approved by the Executive Committee as well as the Board of Governors.


System of Dissemination of Policies:

The leadership of College ensures that all personnel have access to up-to-date policies, procedures and any circulars that are issued by the Office of the Chairman, Office of the Principal / Dean, HODs and Medical Superintendent of the Hospital. System for dissemination of such policies and procedures is as follows:

  1. Policies can be created at the campus-wide HR or Admin level.
  2. Campus-wide human resource policies are developed and revised by the Office of Chairman in conjunction with the Chairman, Co-Chairpersons and Directors. Campus-wide policies / circulars and revisions are then reviewed and modified by the Human Resource Committee and approved by the Chairman.
  3. Policies specific to the UHS and PM&DC, such as those covering regulatory policies, are developed and approved by the Chairman.
  4. The Departments are also responsible for developing and maintaining their own guidance documents and standard operating procedures that reflect procedures specific to that office. These documents are only disseminated after the approval of the Chairman.
  5. The Office of Chairman is responsible for assuring campus-wide human resource policies and related documentation are and remain consistent with applicable ethical principles, local, state and federal laws, federal guidance and University practices and are accessible to the entire related personnel.
  6. Periodic commination and dissemination of policies related to the course/fee of students are circulated via students themselves, via post and via SMS to the parents of the students.
  7. Dissemination of information / office orders / circulars from the office of the Chairman is disseminated to the concerns through defined lists which are:
    1. List A – Consists of HODs of all departments. Disseminate 14 copies for Medical College and 18 copies for Dental College. 
    2. List B - Consists of all Faculty members. Disseminate copies down to each faculty member, including demonstrators, registrars and medical officers. 
    3. List C – Faculty and its reporting line at hospital. List A plus hierarchy of Avicenna Hospital and Aadil Hospital. 
    4. List D – General Notices / Circulars / Office orders for staff or students to be floated horizontally and vertically. Copies to List A, B, C & all students, CRs and notice boards. 
    5. List E – Electronic dissemination for staff / students / general public / advertisements through Website / Prospectus / Digital Library / Newspaper / Social Media to include Avicenna Medical College official Facebook, Whatsapp groups information of which to go to
  1. HR Coordinator for Dissemination to
    1. Dental Senior Faculty
    2. Dental Demonstrators
    3. Dental 18 – (Student Group)
    4. HR Information
    5. HR Notification
    6. Dentists working in Medical College
    7. Dental IT Group
    8. Dental HODs
    9. Dental Dedicated Faculty
  2. Patient Welfare Officer
    1. Mobile Dispensary Unit
  3. Department of Medical Education
    1. Avicenna Basic Medical Sciences (1st Year & 2nd Year)
    2. Avicenna Preclinical (3rd Year)
    3. Avicenna Focal (4th Year)
    4. Clinical Academics (5th Year)
    5. Dental Academics
    6. CRs and Principals
  4. Department Groups – Several other groups are created and managed by each department for dissemination of information to all members of the respective department.


Governance Structure Compliance

 Avicenna Medical College and Avicenna Dental College complies with the PM&DC Regulation of 2012 as follows:

  1. Part VI – Governance, Clause 19 and TORs – Governance 
  2. Part VI – Governance, Clause 20 and TORs – Role of Principal / Dean
  3. Part VI – Governance, Clause 21 and TORs – Academic Council
  4. Part VI – Governance, Clause 22-23 and TORs – Study Boards and Faculty


  1. HOD
  2. Professor
  3. Assistant Professor
  4. Associate Professor
  5. Senior Registrar/ Senior Lecturer
  6. Demonstrator
  7. Medical Officer
  8. House Officer

The Executive Committee and Academic Council has formed various committees to take care of each segment of education at Avicenna Medical and Dental College. Various SOPs have been formulated and policies made. These SOPs and policies form a part of this document and appear below where relevant.



Avicenna Medical and Dental Colleges are located in urban and urban/rural setup which is accessible by public transport. It is a 22 acre campus located at the edge of the rural area and on a major communication artery that links 65 villages with the city. The building infrastructure consisting of 525,246 sqft is as follows:

  1. Avicenna Medical College 111,000 sqft (required 91,000sqft)
  2. Avicenna Dental College 100,685 sqft (required 45,000sqft)
  3. Avicenna Hospital 142,732 sqft
  4. Boys Hostel 29,565 sqft (required 15000sqft)
  5. Male HO Hostel 24,792sqft (required 5000sqft)
  6. Girls Hostel-A 37,068 (required 15000sqft)
  7. Girls Hostel-B 24,852
  8. Girls Hostel-C 24,852
  9. Female HO Hostel 15000sqft (required 5000sqft)
  10. Ancillary buildings 14,700 sqft

The entire campus is self-owned on the name of the Trust. The land, the maps as well as the construction is on the name of the Trust. CAD drawings of the campus and each building map are available in the Admin Records.


Design and Spacing

  1. The buildings have been designed and spaces allocated as per the regulation of 2012 and Table A – Infrastructure (Page 28).
  2. The Medical College, the Dental College and the Hospital are located in separate buildings as per regulations and details of these appear in the relevant standard and segment. All plans are approved by the relevant authority and the buildings and super structure are declared safe by competent surveyors as per building and structure by laws. Building & structure compliance to law certificate is also filed along with the records at admin.


Library & Learning Resource Center

 This has a covered area of 9600 sqft and has a seating capacity of 250 students. This is adequate for 20% of Medical and Dental College students as required by the criteria of PM&DC. Located in the vicinity is the E-Library, the IT department and the Conference Room. The E-Library is equipped with computers equivalent to 30% of seating capacity of the library and these, located in the Wifi environment are capable of communicating and benefiting from HEC and UHS Libraries online.


Outreach Program

Avicenna Medical College and Avicenna Dental College run a patient outreach program as follows:

  1. Community Medical Camps

Avicenna Medical College and Hospital has four dedicated ambulance for daily Community Medical Camps. These ambulances each visit two villages daily and are programmed to visit the same specific village on a specific day. The Ambulance carries two medical officers, one dental officer and allied paramedical staff besides carrying prescription medicines and emergency medicines. This is a new project and has commenced two months ago (April 2019). The details, program and data of these village camps is attached as Appx-37.

  1. Rural Clinics Affiliation

Abdul Waheed Trust in its quest of the provision of healthcare facility to the under privileged has extended a hand of cooperation to the rural clinics so that any medical emergency found beyond the capability and capacity of the rural clinic can be shifted to Avicenna Hospital immediately. Avicenna Hospital is having such a cooperation with the following clinics.

  1. Wasi Hospital
  2. Barki Hospital
  3. Haire Surgical Clinic

Note: Memorandums of understanding of the above have been attached as Appx-38.

The hospital is also providing daily free medical camps to Abbas Police Lines and Elite Force’s Training Center located at Bedian Road.


Department of Medical Education

  1. The impart of Medical Education is the primary purpose of Avicenna Medical College and Avicenna Dental College. Avicenna Medical College and Avicenna Dental College have a near full protocol of Faculty which is essentially required for imparting medical education at the institutions.
  2. The department of Medical Education works hand in glove with the Faculty at both the Avicenna Medical College and Avicenna Dental College. The Clinical Faculty provides its services for the treatment of the general public and no charges are levied for treatment at Avicenna Hospital. The total capacity of Faculty as per the regulation helps Abdul Waheed Trust to fulfill its aim of provision of health services at no profit basis. Faculty is registered with the Pakistan Medical & Dental Council as per the authorizations and list is attached as Appx-39. Appointments and promotions are guided by the PM&DC regulations. Faculty records are available for perusal.
  3. The department of Medical Education is headed by the Principal who is qualified in Masters in Health Professional Education. This department is structured to monitor the progress of the curriculum. The details of department of Medical Education are attached as Appx-40.


Health, Fitness & Cafeteria Facilities

Various health, fitness and non-academic services are available at the college. These services have been organized and out under a system of committees where the students under the guidance of a member of faculty are encouraged to take decisions for the running of such services. The details of such services along with the various committees assigned with the task of monitoring them are attached as Appx-41 and include the following:

  1. Canteen Committee
  2. Debating Club
  3. Event Management Committee
  4. Excursion Committee
  5. Hostel Committee
  6. Literary Club Committee
  7. Masjid Committee
  8. Photography,  Publication & Arts Committee
  9. Reception Committee
  10. Sports Committee    
    1. Athletics Club
    2. Badminton Club
    3. Cricket Club
    4. Football Club
    5. Table Tennis Club
    6. Basket Ball Club
  11. Indoor Sports Committee
    1. Table Tennis
    2. Gymnasium (Boys)
    3. Gymnasium (Girls)
    4. Billiard
  12. Student Conduct Committee


Facilitation on Training Materials on Studentship:

Avicenna Medical College and Avicenna Dental College follows a standardized policy of not burdening the student for any training material or resources that may be involved in any clinical work or procedures. There are no clinical charges at all. The emoluments of fees etc. are only collected once a year and no other charges are levied. 


Compliance of PM&DC Instructions

  1. Avicenna Medical College and Avicenna Dental College are compliant institutions. The institutions have complied with the Regulation of 2012 and instructions of PM&DC regarding the establishment of following within the time-frame specified:
    1. Nursing College – Gulfreen Nursing College running successfully for the last 5 years.
    2. Abdul Waheed Institute of Allied Health Sciences – established and running successfully from the last 4 years.


Passage of Information

Avicenna Medical College and Avicenna Dental College have complied with all instructions regarding the provision of information to the PM&DC as and when asked for.


Compliance to Admission Regulations

The admission and house job regulations of 2018 clearly specify that the colleges shall not admit any student against any drop out to maintain its authorized strength. Avicenna Medical College and Avicenna Dental College are compliant in this aspect also.