My experience at Avicenna has given me a chance to sharpen my skills in my field of choice. There have been and will be many more opportunities to learn more ways of improving myself during my time at Avicenna, and I am thankful for that. Discipline, management of time and to gain knowledge which is beyond books are some of the tools that I have acquired being an Avicennian and the memories made here shall be cherished forever.

Aiza Ansari , Third year M.B.B.S student

As a student of Avicenna, it has been the most wonderful experience so far. Avicenna has provided with the necessary skills, gave me an eye to see the diversified world and its people, a skill which will help me for life. Avicenna has taught me how to focus on my studies despite of the day to day distractions in life.

Afza Ahsan , First year M.B.B.S student

The continuous pleading, hours of discussions to make him agree to unjust demands of 18 year olds and finally getting the pleasure of making him agree; no I am not talking about my father here but a person with whom I have shared the strongest ties, despite of not having any blood relationship with him – Mr. Abdul Waheed Sheikh, Chairman of Avicenna. I miss and shall always remember the amazing life and values that I have learned at Avicenna; that no institute could have ever taught me. Standing tall and firm in my professional life today, I can only say that I am proud to be an Avicennian.

Dr. Musa ,Alumni: class of 2010

My journey at Avicenna is not the same as everyone else. It wasn’t my choice of college and I had never thought of studying here. However, today, I confess that Avicenna is the only college that could have given me a sense of community and collegiality. Avicenna is my mother’s lap. Not only does it teach you medical studies but also guides you towards a path where you become more courteous, more humble and a better human being. My experience here has been transformative, not just professionally but also personally. I believe that Avicenna is not the place for smart students but those who believe in themselves, have dreams and have the passion to work hard for those dreams. As a final year student and thinking that I will be leaving this institution very soon, I will miss the bond that I have built with Avicenna, the administration and my peers.

Hina Shahid , Final year M.B.B.S student

Who knows a college better than its students? A graduate of Avicenna and a current house officer at Mayo Hospital have spent the golden era of my life being an Avicennian. The best gift I got at Avicenna was a family like environment, the endless love, affection, the parental attitude and guidance of the Chairman and Principal towards the students and peer support. The moto ‘Good ness prevails’ is the best takeaway I have from Avicenna. Avicenna provided me the ground to pursue my dreams and passion. The values I learned here have not just helped me during my college years but also during the course of my interviews for placements. I believe that every student at Avicenna has excellent exposure to every kind of facility including labs, library, sports, operation theatres, medical and surgical ward experiences, workshops and international seminars and above all the core values that help you progress in various phases of life.

Dr. Binyamin Butt , alumni: class of 2011

“Look, this is not an easy go around. End of happy times. Now you better put your head down and study”. Hearing these words on the day of my orientation were enough to kick start my career as a medical student. These words made all the difference and made me a better person and taught me values like perseverance, dignity, moral standards, working hard and achieving success and yet maintaining a low profile, being humble and steadfast always. At Avicenna, we were taught to work so hard that your work itself creates the noise for you. That Hawked eyed raised eyebrows and the affection of a parent like personality (Sheikh Saab) is something that each student misses and will continue to miss their entire life.

Dr. Nabeel Ahmed, Alumni: class of 2010

I feel very proud that I chose Avicenna as an institution for pursuing my medical career. As a third year medical student, i am not only gaining knowledge of my field but the confidence, grooming, discipline and values that will stay with me forever. The best asset of Avicenna is the parental attitude that is given to each child, the constant love and affection of the Chairman towards his students. As an Avicennian, there is nothing that we don’t get. It is not an institution but a platform that inspires me towards my future ambitions. I am having a fantabulous time here and I am nothing but proud to be an Avicennian!

Ifra Aziz, Third year M.B.B.S student