Vision And Mission


The Avicenna Medical College will live up to the name and reputation of "Abu Ali Sina Balkhi (Latin Name Avicenna)" and will be a model of excellence for the quality and innovation of its education programs, clinical services. The institution will continually strive to exceed the expectations of its patients, students, residents, and Local Community by constantly improving the services it provides with enthusiasm, teamwork and creativity.


Avicenna Medical College educates to create outstanding Healthcare professionals from a group of enthusiastic students who are ready to face the challenge of serving the local community as well as complete at International Forums. This we believe is possible by creating conducive environment for Students to learn, to experiment, to observe and to experience Quality Medical care delivery thus catering to the healthcare needs of the general society.

The College also believes that grooming of Students to become a useful member of the society is also as important as studies. The students are motivated to believe in doing Good.

The College follows a well thought programme of Student grooming. Mannerism, conduct, general behaviour in a co-education set-up and emphasis on dignity, truth, poise and traits of a gentleman and gentle-lady receive special attention.

The College moto is "GOODNESS PREVAILS"