When Words Alienate Patients
There are no incurable diseases – only the lack of will. There are no worthless herbs – only the lack of knowledge.
Dr. Asma Khalid Principal (Associate Professor) Gulfreen Nursing College.

As the principal of Gulfreen Nursing College, it is my pleasure to welcome you to our college. The college has a rich history of educating exceptional nurses who are making a difference in the health care of individuals in our region and beyond. The college of nursing is poised to address the challenges with innovative academic programs that facilitate students’ progression toward advanced academic degrees.
Nursing, according to me, is a unique profession which has a blend of Cognitive, Psychomotor and affective domain. Nursing education empowers one to lift oneself from darkness to light. 

Gulfreen Nursing College offers 04 year Generic BSN degree program and 02 years CNA diploma Program. Gulfreen Nursing College is well equipped with all modern infrastructure and laboratories, facilities, books, journal and e-journals. We have adequate number of teachers as per faculty- student ratio, non-teaching and other infrastructure facilities. We have five well equipped laboratories with adequate numbers of models, manikins, e-learning equipment’s, furniture and fixtures to carry out administrative and academic function. With this our motto is to provide quality education and training to maintain and develop highest standard of care for individual, hospitals and community.

The Institute pledges to strive hard to become a center of excellence in nursing education.


To develop professionals in nursing and healthcare who are competent, committed, and innovative to strengthen and transform the health of individuals and communities.


To enhance the health and well-being of the people by advancing the profession of nursing through education, practice, research, innovation, and collaboration.

The Gulfreen Nursing College (GNC) is a regionally and nationally recognized institution for educating undergraduate students in the nursing profession. GNC is recognized for its various programs such as Bachelors of Nursing and Licensed Practical Nursing through Pakistan Nursing Council and Punjab Nursing Board. The Gulfreen Nursing College (GNC) is affiliated with the University of Health Sciences.

Nursing is an academic discipline as well as a profession. As a discipline, nursing aims to develop knowledge, skills, and attitudes related to the healthcare of human beings. Concepts derived from research give order to the profession of nursing as well as gives identity to the nursing practice, putting theory into practice.  As a profession, nursing creatively uses knowledge, skills, and attitudes in response to the health care needs of society. Both of these functions are enhanced by the scholarly environment of the Gulfreen Nursing College and its multi-cultural setting as a context for professional nursing practice.

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