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We are a community of passionately curious, unapologetically smart, stubbornly modest people in a joyful search for what’s next. And we recognize that some of that searching takes place outside of the classroom. From extensive community engagement to a vibrant arts scene to strong athletics to a multitude of clubs, Avicenna students aren’t just sitting around. They’re living.


A huge library occupies full floor has 260 seats including study carrels and group-discussion tables. Latest reference books, of Basic and Clinical Sciences along with national & international journals are available in the library.

Mess & Cafe

The College has its own on-campus Mess which caters to 600 students. Students form the Mess committee which decides the mess menu in consultation with other students. The Mess offers fresh food to all residents three times a day. However, day scholars are also welcome to use the Mess facility at a reasonable cost. All food items including dairy, meat, and vegetables are sourced organically and bought in at the time of cooking, in order to ensure that students get freshly cooked meals at all times.Two 50- inch LCD screens provide students an opportunity to get entertained during their meal times.

Lecture Theaters

A total of six lecture theatres are available. Four lecture theatres with 150 seats for full class lectures and including two examination hall with 110 seats each for smooth conduction of any class test / OSPE (Observed Structured Practical Evaluation). Remaining 2 lecture theatres have a capacity of 55 students each and are meant for conduction of small group tutorials / discussion. Each lecture theatre is provided with 2 white boards (one on either side), its own multimedia, and over-head projector, flat screen computer with one hour backup (UPS), generator & internet connection. Sufficient number of air- conditioners & fans are installed in lecture / tutorial halls. The college has six tutorial rooms each with a minimum capacity of 30.

Hostel Accommodation

Hostel facility is available on Campus for Girls and Boys. Both the hostels are totally segregated and separate with no connection at all. The girl’s hostel currently has a capacity of 300 students and the Boys Hostel has a capacity of 120 students The hostel consists of twin sharing room, three sharing room all with attached bathrooms. The hostel has its own dining room, TV lounge, students Kitchen, guest room and the warden's room. Ayas are available round the clock to serve the students. Washing and ironing facility is available against a small payment. Both the hostels have dedicated electric and water supply. Back-up generators supply electricity during Load Shedding. Students are allowed to have a small sized refrigerator and an air cooler at extra charge of electricity expense which is monitored through individual room meters.

Sports Facilities

We recognize sports as a pivotal key to shape and maintain students' personality and good health. The College has indoor and outdoor sports facilities to help enhance the cognition and capacity to learn. There is a proper sports section for various games like basketball, football, volleyball, and cricket. The gym itself is fully equipped with modern machinery both for students and faculty.

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