Board of Trustees
Mr. Abdul Waheed Sheikh Founder & Chairperson AWT and Chairman Avicenna Medical College
Dr. Gulfreen Waheed Co-Chairperson and Principal (Avicenna Medical College)
Ms. Shandana Sheikh Co-Chairperson (Admin, Legal and Finance- Trustee)
Mr. Fahdel Sheikh Director Administration Aadil Hospital-Trustee
Ms. Fazilda Nabeel Co-Chairperson (Development & Coordination – Trustee)

Message from Chairman - BOT

Mr. Abdul Waheed Sheikh

The Avicenna Medical College is a project of Abdul Waheed Trust which is a Non-profitable, Non-governmental, Non-political & Social organization, working for the welfare of Humanity and based on Community empowerment. Avicenna Medical College has its own 530 bedded Avicenna teaching Hospital (Not for Profit hospital) within the College Campus & 120 bedded Aadil Hospital, at 15 minutes distance. Separate comfortable hostels for boys & girls are provided on the campus. State of the art College Library with facilities of Internet & online Journals remain open 15 hours a day, for our students & faculty members. I am particularly pleased with the hard work by the Faculty and Students in the achievement of historic 100% result for all the classes. It is a rare achievement and speaks of dedication of the Faculty and Staff. Our moto is Goodness prevails and we aim at producing Doctors’ who are knowledgeable, competent in clinical skills and ethical values.

Avicenna Medical College & Hospital was founded to provide quality health care services to the deserving patients belonging to the rural areas near Avicenna Hospital as well as to provide quality medical education of international standard to our students. The Hospital provides all medical services and Lab diagnostics to the local population at minimal cost. So far by the grace of Allah Almighty the number of patients being treated and operated upon at our Hospital is increasing very day as there no other public or charity hospital in the circumference of 20km. We have already established two Satellite Clinics in the periphery these are providing outdoor care while admission cases are brought to the Hospital in Hospital transport.

We have established a Nursing College (Gulfreen Nursing College) and successfully trained dedicated nurses. The college achieved 100% results for all classes so far, which is a rare achievement. We are now planning the establishment of a Dental College, which is scheduled to start its operations this year. We have also established Institute for Allied Medical Sciences for the training of Dispensers, Radiographers, Lab Technicians and Operation Theater Technicians. We also plan to undertake other projects in the field of Health, Science, Technology & Research. including the establishment of Pharmacy College and Physiotherapy Institute.

Co-Chairperson (Admin, Legal & Finanace - Trustee)

It is my great privilege to write the Foreword of this prospectus of Avicenna Medical College for the 2017-2018 academic year. This prospectus is intended to help you understand why our college is a leader in the field of Medicine, Nursing, Allied Health Sciences and why our graduates are the most sought after in the entire country.
Your professional experience will constitute many important decisions that will have a profound impact upon your entire life. Choosing a college/university for higher education is the first and the most important of these decisions; the direction of your life stems largely from where you studied and what you studied. I believe that your decision should not only be academic in merit, but should also involve choosing an institute that can polish your personality, inculcate in you discipline and ethics, and enable you to become more compassionate and contributing citizens of tomorrow. We believe in providing you with a well-rounded education, pushing you to not only test your academic limit but encouraging you to gain exposure through involvement in extra-curricular activities and exertions.

What sets Avicenna apart from other institutions is the interest we take in each of our student. I strongly believe in adopting a hands-on approach with our students. While this may sound daunting at present, our faculty and administration work closely with our students, monitoring and maintaining an active concern in their academic and personal success.

Ms. Shandana Sheikh

We also resort to unconventional teaching methods through organizing after-hours tutorials, arranging for additional help for weaker students. Over the previous years, I have personally found our methods well suited for our students, enabling them to successfully master each subject. Going through an arduous review of the curriculum, hard work and constantly keeping up with the challenges of tomorrow by revising and updating our knowledge best to achieve success. This factor has contributed to our record-breaking results and recognition by the PMDC.
I believe that while academic excellence is the core that sets Avicenna apart from other Medical colleges in Pakistan, it should not be the only pre-requisite to a successful professional life. We, at Avicenna, groom our students to be model citizens, with the intention to make each of them form a valuable and contributing member of our society. We strongly believe in teaching our students ideals and principals, which not only constitute academic laurels but also on treating the community as a family, professional in nature, but always willing to help each other at times of distress. The discipline we inculcate, the values we entrench, the ethics we instruct sets our students apart from the other colleges.
These are indeed exciting times to be part of Avicenna. This year we have undertaken an ambitious extension in the form of Avicenna Dental College. We have been able to achieve this milestone through sheer hard work and commitment in providing a world-class education service. I am enthusiastic about the next few years and plan on undertaking many similar extensions, while at the same time upholding our overall tradition of providing high-quality training, in both theory and practice. In line with our mission, these steps serve to achieve our mission to change medical practice through education. It is what motivates the work of everyone at Avicenna Medical College — from faculty and staff, parents and students, and alumni.
Combining your ability and our guidance, we shall help you begin the next chapter in your life at a College that has achieved unparalleled success in previous years. Together, we will learn to change the world.
We look forward to making you a part of the Avicenna Family!

Co-Chairperson (Development & Coordination - Trustee)


The administrative and professional team at Avicenna Medical College works to standards of perfection. The aim is not just to impact medical education but more importantly to instill in their students a sense of responsibility, industry and discipline – the key ingredients that will equip Pakistan’s future with the best medical professionals. As a professional with considerable experience in teaching and mentoring students in the Higher Education Sector, I am confident of the value of choosing Avicenna Medical College for medical education “experience” which goes beyond mere knowledge acquisition.

Co-Chairperson (Admin, Legal & Finance - Trustee)

Aadil Hospital was established in 1987 as a result of a quest for advance medical care for an autistic child Aadil Sheikh whose demise in 1991 infused the spirit of serving humanity in its founding team.

Aadil Hospital is a team builder and have invested heavily in resource training to deliver quality health services to general public. Our nurses are proud to be in leading roles in their career both in Public Sector Hospitals and well recognized at International Hospitals particularly in the Middle East. Our Medical Officers and Specialists who were once a part of our team have excelled in their respective careers. The secret for success for any upcoming health professionals is to put patient’s interest before his own. Aadil Hospital provides conducive environment and continues to sow the seeds of hard work, professionalism and ethical practice. We are proud that our students/professionals compete at par with others and highly placed internationally.

At Avicenna we groom our students to work hard, respect humanity and excel in their professional career. Our students have shown outstanding results both individually and as a class over the years. Parents feel safe and have complete confidence in our team and credibility of institutions.

Mr. Fahdel Sheikh

Aadil Hospital is the trendsetter amongst healthcare institutions. Through our pursuit of excellence, and to comply with health industry regulatory standards, we are proud to announce that both teaching hospitals hold the following accreditations:

  • Recognized by Pakistan Dental and Medical Council (PM&DC) as a Teaching Hospital.
  • Affiliated with the University of Heath Sciences (UHS) as a Teaching Hospital.
  • Notified as a Teaching Hospital by the Ministry of Health, Pakistan.
  • Licensed by Punjab Healthcare Commission.
  • Certified by TUV Austria for ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System.
  • Licensed by Punjab Blood Transfusion Authority

Aadil Hospital is a project of Abdul Waheed Trust and is affiliated with Avicenna Medical College. For the past three decades, Aadil Hospital has served the healthcare needs of local community in Lahore and beyond. Aadil Hospital provides quality health services at subsidized rates to patients from all socio-economic backgrounds. Aadil Hospital has a capacity to treat 120 admitted patients in a given day. We provide treatment on subsidized rates and those who are treated from Zakat and Sadaqat Funds.

At Avicenna Hospital we provide complete range of Medical and Surgical treatments through state of the art medical technology and team of senior Medical professionals to the under privileged class of the patients. Avicenna Hospital has developed good credibility amongst the poor villages who have greatly benefited from quality health services since 2009.

Being a part of Avicenna Family is a privilege. We look forward to see you grow with us!

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