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Chairmain AWT becomes finance secretary and treasurer of PAMI


Pakistan Association of Private Medical & Dental Institutions (PAMI) is an organisation consisting of members from all Private Meical and Dental Colleges from Pakistan. PAMI is working to improve the standards of Medical and Dental Education and to resolve the issues currently faced by the Private Medical & Dental Colleges in Pakistan.

The President of PAMI, Prof. Dr. Chaudhary Abdul Rehman (Chairman, Superior University) along with Mr. Abdul Waheed Sheikh, Finance Secretary and Treasurer of PAMI & Chairman, Avicenna Medical & Dental College, Dr. Muhammad Tariq (Vice President), Dr. Mohammad Riaz Shahbaz Janjua (General Secretary), and Dr. Syed Ali Farhan (Join Secretary) have taken on the responsibility to strive for improving the standards of Medical and Dental education in Pakistan. For more information, please visit www.pami.org.pk

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