Vision and Mission

The Avicenna Medical & Dental College will live up to the name and reputation of “Abu Ali Sina Balkhi (Latin Name Avicenna)” and be a model of excellence for the quality and innovation of its education programs, clinical services and research. The institution will continually strive to exceed the expectations of its patients, students, residents, and local community by constantly improving the services it provides with enthusiasm, teamwork and creativity. In doing so, Avicenna Medical College aligns itself to the vision of its Affiliating University, i.e., University of Health Sciences.

Our Vision

The vision of Avicenna Medical & Dental College is to become a college that thrives to achieve improvement in healthcare of masses through creative delivery of educational programs, innovative research, commitment to public service and community engagement in a environment that supports diversity, inclusion, creative thinking, social accountability, life-long learning and respect for all.

Our Mission

The mission of Avicenna Medical & Dental College is to educate and produce competent, research oriented healthcare professionals with professional commitment and passion for life-long learning from a group of motivated students through quality education, research and service delivery for the improvement of health status of the general population.

The college motto is

“Goodness Prevails”

The outcome statements of Avicenna Medical & Dental College affirms the expected performances of the graduates at the end of the MBBS program. The students will be able to:


The newly qualified doctors must make the care of patients their first concern, applying their knowledge and skills in a competent, ethical and professional manner and taking responsibility for their own actions in complex and uncertain situations.


Demonstrate a thorough consultation of a patient.



Diagnose and manage common, non-critical conditions independently.



Assist in the management of critically ill patients.



Demonstrate clear and efficient written and verbal communication abilities.



Demonstrate professional, ethical and culturally-appropriate behavior.



Advocate health promotion and disease prevention.



Work effectively as a  healthcare team member in the Healthcare System of Pakistan.



Demonstrate capabilities of critical thinking, reflection, research and teamwork.



Demonstrate ability for personal and professional development with commitment for life-long learning.



Work effectively as a  healthcare team member in the Healthcare System of Pakistan.

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