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Modern medical advances have helped millions of people live longer, healthier lives. We owe these improvements to decades of medical research

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Trial specific investigators are inducted according to the requirements of the clinical trial

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All of our core team of dedicated investigators and study coordinators are NIDA-GCP certified


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At Avicenna Clinical Research Centre, A Proficient Team of Committed Investigators, Study Coordinators, Pharmacists, Nursing, And Paramedical Staff Effectively Manage Operations

A Hub of Innovation

Avicenna Clinical Research Center (ACRC) is a state of the art facility attached to Avicenna Hospital with 20,000 sq ft of dedicated space for clinical research with on human subjects in line with ICH-GCP Protocols and Pakistan regulatory guidelines. Avicenna Clinical Research Centre is fully compliant with Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan and National Bioethics Committee Guidelines for the conduct of Phase 2, 3 and Phase 4 clinical trials. Avicenna Clinical research site is trusted by sponsors and CROs to deliver high quality clinical trial data in parallel to efficient patient care. The research performed at Avicenna Clinical Research Centre (ACRC) is accomplished by experienced investigators and professional medical staff. Patient safety and explicit adherence to study protocols and regulations are of paramount importance at Avicenna Clinical Research Centre (ACRC).

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ACRC has successful track record line with “ACRC is successfully working for multinational CROs and sponsors and its professional team

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