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The Department of Physiology entails a huge physiology lab, which has the capacity to seat 60 students, although for effective demonstration and practice, they will be dealt with in batches of 33-34 students. The first portion of the lab represents Cell physiology & body fluids portion, equipped with compound binocular microscopes & centrifuge machines. Next portion, representing blood physiology is provided with Hemocytometers, Sahli’s haemoglobinometer, ESR apparatus, teaching and projection microscopes. The tab also provides distillation plant, hot air oven, physical balance & weighing machines. 

There are educational charts for theoretic reference. A cardio-respiratory portion is equipped with Spirometers, Stethographs, Peak expiratory flow meters, ECG Machines, Sphygmomanometers & Ergometers. The lab is also provided with equipment to test special senses like perimeter, vision charts, fundoscope & tuning forks etc. A couch is placed in the lab for the practice of clinical methods.

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